Where I went A'Wondering 
Where I went a‘wondering beyond the purple sea,
there I found magic lands that kindly welcomed me.
A shore where silver unicorns dwell and neon mushrooms glow
and bubbles of the sweetest scents, drift where soft winds blow.
In the hollows of great trees I found, imps and gnomes at play
and cats with owl faces sat to stare by night and day.
Ghostly ships upon the water sailed and rainbow fish would leap
and a musical water wyrm came to bring songs up from the deep.
Higher I climbed from the sea, into this strange land
where upon the crest of a hill a curious tower did stand
Music was a‘playing here and within the crumbling walls
there I saw a‘happening a mousey masquerade ball.
Cat owls arrived watching the mice with keen, bright eyes
as the ghostly ships took solid form and soared into the skies.
A wyvern chasing his tail churned the moon into a treat 
and his eager hungry friend swopped in to try to eat. 
The wyverns left and the moon refreshed his merry face all aglow
And above the gently murmuring woods white bats flew too and fro.
Further on I explored this land of colourful dreams
Where fairy moths dance and play, among the pink hornbeams

On past the shack where an old man lives, spinning cloths of gold
past a band of royal crows of which legends are told,
over the hill with the tumbled down mill on the road that ever bends
through the wood of the towering trees where no horizons end.
A’wondering through these lands I go, never looking back only forth
I a’wonder which way I like to east and west, to south and north
through imagination and my dreams my feet do carry me
on and on, ever further from, the shore of the purple sea.
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