Hello, I am Laura. Welcome to my corner of the world. Here is where I often have big hair and big dreams. I also like to put eyes on things because I see personalities in so many everyday objects. 
I am a creator of fine quality hand drawn illustrations. The humble pencil and paint brush are my best friends and faithful companions. 
A storyteller, a poet, general writer of words and spinner of yarns...although try as I might, I cannot crochet anything! 
I am a wanderer of fantastic worlds and dreamy landscapes, a friend of beautiful beasts and weird wildlife! With one foot always in an imaginary place and the other planted safely on terra firmer. Exploring the imagination is something I love but I also care deeply for our own planet ! In my practice and my day to day I always try to remember to: Recycle. Reuse. Reinvent! 
I believe all souls are born equal when it comes to the enjoyment of stories. Whether you are a royal crow or a penniless possum, a good goat or a bad foal! No matter what your social standing or your beliefs, your race, gender, body type or hand size, I believe stories are for everyone! 

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